Greetings! Radiance Applications are now closed for 2020. If you would like to be informed when we open for enrollment in 2021, please add yourself to our Radiance Circle of Interest List.

Radiance Circle of Interest

R A D I A N C E 

Business Circle for Heart-Centered Women

Guided by Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers

Six Month Online Curriculum and Member Circle

We begin September 17, 2020

We are Calling Radiant Women to Gather Who Are Ready to...

  • Adapt to the Changing Terrain of Business
  • Reveal and Live into YOUR Unique "Body of Work"
  • Shine Brightly in a World that is in need of Heart-Centered Businesses
  • Nurture the Strength and Sustainability of New Income Streams
  • Reveal Your Genius through Self-expression and Visual Thinking
  • Discover the power of Intentional Creativity┬« to Access Your Gift
  • Allow the Flow of Receiving and Release the Hustle and Competition
  • Adopt a more Nurturing Approach to your Business Structure, Team and Offerings
  • Translate Your Gifts into Programs that Sustain You
  • Explore Diversity, Equity and Inclusion so you can Authentically Take a Stand
  • Ground into Big Picture Legacy Thinking while Focusing on Small Picture Relevancy
  • Deeply Connect with Your Intuition, Inner Wisdom and Muse to lead the way forward

We believe in a world where women collaborate vs. compete. Where we do NOT participate in gossip or tearing each other down. We are releasing the need to hustle and embracing grace and flow. We are creating a community of heart-centered businesswomen ready to make a difference... and YOU are invited!

Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers

Let's Explore if Radiance is Right for you!